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Questions from your accountant at tax time that you HATE:

"How many kilometres did you travel for business last year in your car?"

"What percentage of your personal vehicle usage was for work purposes?"

"How much did you spend on registration and maintenance on your vehicle last year?"

"What did it cost for your sales road trip last month?"

ANSWER these questions within seconds, using LogbookHQ

Why Use Logbook HQ?

Here is what some of our happy customers are saying.

Use it no matter where you are

Logbook HQ will work on your PC, on your tablet or on your smartphone, so you can use it to enter and track information no matter where you are.

Totally 'cloud' based service

Your data is centralised, and always safe and secure. All you need is an internet connected web browser to be able to enter information, and look at reports and charts.

Perfectly scaleable

Doesn't matter if it is just you with one car, or if you have a fleet of delivery trucks, Logbook HQ can scale up depending on the plan you choose.

Information at a glance

As soon as you log in, the Logbook HQ dashboard will show you critical information such as costs, how long until your next service is due, what your recent mileage looks like, and much more.

No more paper

Keep losing your old paper log book? Or your pen? No need to worry now - you can record everything electronically, and filter and print your trips, refuels, maintenance visits etc. by date range and export them into your favourite spreadsheet for further analysis.

Your software is SO easy and intuitive to use! THANK YOU for making my life easier.

Dave S. Darwin, AUS

Wow - I love how your app remembers the finishing odometer for my last trip. I've lost count of the number of times I have arrived at a customer site and suddenly remembered I have to record my trip, then find that half the work is already done for me because it has remembered what my starting mileage should be. It is fantastic!!

Stephen M. Sydney, AUS

I used to hate doing my taxes at end of year because my accountant used to ask me my mileage and percentage business use of my car. Now I can just whip out my iPhone and tell her the exact numbers right in front of her...

Toni G. London, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely! When you sign up, you have a 30 day period in which to try the app to see if it will meet your needs. We don't take your credit card details or anything, so there is no need to worry that you will be 'hijacked' into a subscription at the end.
Yes, you can elect to pay on a month by month basis, or else you can pay on an annual basis. Special bonus for paying annually is that you get 2 months FREE as a thank you discount if you do it this way.
The Basic plan allows you to track and record information for ONE vehicle. Our Professional lets you track an unlimited number of vehicles. If you are a company or organisation that wants your employees to log their trips, you can set up a generic login for all your employees to use, and they can choose their own vehicle from the drop down menus to record against.
Nope. Because this is a business tool, we do not share your entries on social media sites like a lot of other competitive products do. No one else will know your expenses or activities except the people with your sign on.
No, because none of the data is stored locally on your device. Logbook HQ is a 'cloud' based solution, which means that the data is stored in our very secure and safe cloud database. This means you can use multiple devices to record data, and it will all be 'synced' up on every device in real time. And never fear, because you can ALWAYS download your data in CSV form if you wanted a copy to analyse in a spreadsheet. We also offer a nice printed PDF report of your data if you wanted to give it to your accountant.
No, because our software is really just a web page - a web page that is smart enough to know whether it is running on a desktop PC or a smartphone and adjust itself accordingly (in geek language, it is known as a 'responsive site'). This means that it just runs in a web browser on your phone/tablet/PC. All you need to do is to open the web link and sign in and you are away.
Yes, we support all three different common date formats, and you can also customise your profile to use gallons instead of litres, or miles instead of kilometres.
While the regulations and legal requirements for every country and principality is different, we have designed Logbook HQ to record the most common pieces of information that most countries require. Things such as personal/business mileage, percentage of business use over personal use, last 12 months mileage etc. are all tracked. If you need anything extra, you can always extract the information as a CSV file and import it into your favourite spreadsheet or analytical tool to perform more calculations.

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