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The personal information we capture for our site include your email address, and your full name. You email address will NOT be sold or given to a purveyor of any mailing list. Your email address will be added to our own MailChimp mailing list database which is fully under the control of our own team and not an external third party. We generally send no more than one email per month from this mailing list, and that is only to inform you of new features or changes to our system.

From time to time, you will receive automated emails from LogbookHQ, especially when you request a password or email change. This is routine for most web apps, and is an added measure of security to ensure that no unauthorised party can tamper with your account.

Your credit card information is NEVER stored on our servers, and is passed directly to our payment gateway system at Stripe Inc. We never store your card details in our database ever, so even in the highly unlikely event that the database is compromised, your credit card details can never be revealed, as they do no exist on our system.

Your passwords are also stored in our database in highly encrypted form using one way encryption technology, and no one, not even the programmers or database administrators in charge of our system can read them or deduce what they are.

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